Priya travels Kathmandu seeking justice (with video)  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 16 – The name of Surendra Singh Mal who was born as son now has been changed. The name was changed during his stay in India. The name did not change automatically.

Surendra who came to Kathmandu from Kanchanpur said, “The name was changed after my sexual organ was cut while I was living in India.”  Now, Surendra has been turned into Priya. Now, she is seeking justice. Priya now has come to Kathmandu seeking justice. Now, people are following her to know about the status.

Priya is a hot cake for media. Priya is demanding to take action against the Indian national who forcefully changed her organ. She was convinced by the man to marry but later betrayed.

Police has not been able to provide justice to her. “They have a big power in Nepal so it is very difficult to get justice,” Priya said. Priya is of the view that like her others should not get the same pain in the future. She is of the view that there is a need of new law targeting this community. See Video