Yadav faces hurdles to get birth certificate of her test-tube baby

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 2 – Manish Yadav has given birth to a test-tube baby in consent with his partner. Now, Yadav is in confusion when he was asked to come up with citizenship and marriage certificate of father for birth registration of child.

Manish was born as girl and she has the citizenship of girl. Legally, it is a very tough job to change the citizenship certificate.

At the same time, her marital status is not accepted in the society.  She asked, why cannot I register the birth of my children?  She raised this question in National Consultative Meeting.

In the meeting, Rakshya Poudel of Beyond Beijing Committee said they are working in the field of gender equality and empowerment. This community has received the cultural recognition of marriage but there is lack of legal status.

Bandana Rana, a member of Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) said it has been just a decade since she came to know about this community. She suggested at civil society could prepare a shadow report.

“All the members of this community should study. It is better if all issues are accommodating in a single report,” said Rana. Rights activist Durga Thapa underlined the need of implementation of all suggestions.