A couple eagerly awaits same-sex marriage law

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 19 – It has been seven years since the Dipendra (name changed) and Purnima Shrestha started to love each other. Now, they are so engaged in love and they cannot spend even a single day without the company of each other. Purnima is a transgender woman while Dipendra claims himself of being homosexual male.

Dipendra who hails from Birgunj proposed Purnima. Purnima was unaware that Dipendra loves her since long time and Dipendra continued his affection with her. Though their appearance is female and male, they were both born as male. Purnima projected himself as female while Dipendra was male when he grew up. “The love erupts from heart. I cannot leave Purnima,” said Dipendra.

They are preparing to marry very soon. He said there is pressure from family to marry with a girl. That is why I am living in Kathmandu. Dipendra said that government should formulate a law on legalizing a same-sex marriage. Purnima also said that she is awaiting a law that would legalize same-sex marriage.

They have made up a mind of adopting children to fulfil the desire of family. “I do not like girl so I will marry with Purnima. We will adopt the children,” Dipendra said. Due to the delay in legalizing same-sex marriage, hundreds of couples are compelled to conceal their relationship.