All types of discrimination must come to an end : Minister Thapa

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 25 – Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare Tham Maya Thapa has underlined the need of ending all types of discrimination to embark a journey of prosperous country. Thapa said government’s mission is to make a prosperous country through social and economic transformation ending all types of discriminatory practices.

Speaking to Pahichan, Thapa said she will gain a profound understanding about sexual and gender minority to bring a sustainable and reliable program to address the plights of gender and sexual minority community. Thapa said the assistance provided by donor communities would not last for the long period but government can give continuity for such programs.

She said dependency on donor agencies to operate programs must come to an end. Stating that she is knowledgeable about this LGBTI community, Minister Thapa said she would gain even more knowledge about this community in coming days.

Thapa said as constitution has already addressed this community, state cannot ignore this community. Thapa who is also UML leader said there are a lot of transgender in the party. Thapa said she will hold consultations with members of this community. The Minister also said that she would get data about this community. Minister said after the detailed study about this community, government would laws related to this community.