Constitution amendment bill accommodates concerns of gender and sexual minority

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 10 – Parties in Parliament which have registered amendment proposal to the first constitution amendment bill have accommodated the concerns of gender and sexual minorities. The issue of this community has been accommodated under the provisions related to social justice section of constitution.Nepali Congress lawmaker Formulaha Mansur in his proposal has demanded proportional inclusive representation of gender and sexual minority in the article 42 of newly adopted constitution. He has demanded the representation of Madhesi, Muslim, Janajati, oppressed and backward community and gender and sexual minority as well as Khas Arya in all state mechanisms.

Speaking to Pahichan Online , Mansur said homosexual and transgender are the family of this country. “State can not discriminate this community which has been cheated by nature, we should ensure the representation of this community,” said Mansur.  I have registered amendment proposal with a view that this community should not protest again to achieve their rights.”

NC has registered 6 amendment proposals while UCPN (M) has registered four amendment proposals. The amendment proposal was registered by Nepali Congress-led government. NC itself has registered amendment proposal to ensure the representation of all communities including gender and sexual minority.

NC lawmakers Formulaha Mansur and Bimalendra Nidhi registered amendment proposal taking consent from party. While, NC lawmakers Minendrea Rijal, Prakash Sharan Mahat, Sanjaya Yadav and Sita Nepali also registered amendment proposal.