Debate on the participation of transgender in Naya Shakti

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 24 – Debate has begun in Naya Shakti Nepal about the rights of transgender. This issue has been raised at the party’s Central Committee stating that members of this community should get equal rights like other oppressed and marginalized community.

“There was only discussions about caste discrimination but no discussions regarding the transgender,” Central Committee member Pinky Guring said, “Unless the issue of homosexual and transgender are mentioned in the party documents, our rights cannot be ensured,” said Gurung stating that this community should be incorporated under the oppressed community.

Gurung said though Naya Shakti has allocated 27 percent to oppressed community and 40 percent for open competition, there is no allocation for the members of this community. “If our issues are addressed in the document, party will get the popularity,” Gurung said. After Sunil Babu Pant, Guurng is holding a top post in the political parties and she is the head of Party’s Dalit and Marginalized Department.