Discrimination to LGBTI is punishable from August 17

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 14 – Now, if you discriminate sexual and gender minority, you will face legal action. The Civil Code and Criminal Code which will come into effect on August 17 have such provisions.

If there is discrimination to this community, you will be imprisoned for three years or will have to pay 30 thousand or you will be subjected for both punishments.

The section 160(1) clearly states that there should not be discrimination on the basis of religion, class, caste, marital status and other reasons. The code clearly states that all the citizens are equal and they enjoy equal rights.

Ramesh Dhakal, Spokesperson at Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs said discrimination is not allowed on the basis of gender.

He said the constitutional provisions of sexual and gender minority has been reflected in these both codes. Dhakal opined that there is no need of formulation of separate laws as fundamental rights of constitution has clearly said that there should not be discrimination to this community.