Do not mock transgender in films, Acharya says

Kathmandu(pahichan) Feb 28-Film Director Bikash Acharya has said that homosexuals and transgender should not be mocked in the films and TV serials. He said that homosexuals and transgender have equal rights like man and women in the society. “Many of us have failed to understand this reality and portraying as mocking characters,” Acharya said. Acharya is director of Nai Nabhanu La which is going to be launched very soon.

He said he has not incorporated any issues that would mock the homosexuals and transgender in his film which will be released soon. “Among other forms of mass media, film faces much censorship. But, Censor Board does not care the scenes that would mock sexual minorities,” he said.

 He, however, said society is gradually adjusting the rights of homosexuals and transgender. He further stated that in the recent days Film like Sungava has been created and society will gradually accept the sexual minorities.