Few students of the Umbrella Foundation visited Blue Diamond Society today morning

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 7 – The students visited BDS in order to know about LGBTI people. The teacher said, ” About 3 years ago, the students had seen BDS members’ picnic in Matatirtha. Seeing them, the students got curious, like what kind of people they are. Seeing trans people, they got shocked.
Therefore they asked me to bring them here” They were also accompanied by an Irish national who is a part of them In the program, students learned on LGBTI and were very enthusiast on the issue.
Manish Dhakal, the executive director of Blue Diamond Society, explained what LGBTI means and gave short background of BDS, while the president Pinky Gurung explained Sex, Gender and Sexuality Peter Tamang, an openly gay person shared his experience of being one and his realisation Durga Thapa, shared what lesbian was, while Ishan Regmi shared his experience of taking birth as intersex along what it was to be an intersex. Elyn Bhandari and Sudeep Gautam also spoke on being transman Rukshana Kapali, an open transwoman blogger and activist, shared her experiences of realisation, coming out and barriers she faced in school. She also told how her principal and class mates treated her, and also enlightened the students not to bully any trans person in school .
The students were glad to be a part of the discussion. They promised not to discriminate LGBTIs and also speak about/for us from now onward.