Fourteenth Development Plan addresses issues of sexual and gender minority

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 17 – For the first time, National Planning Commission (NPC) has accommodated the issues of equality and empowerment of sexual and gender minority.

After the rights of this community has mentioned in the constitution for the first time, NPC is making programs to end the discrimination, clearing confusion and capacity building of this society.

In the 14th fifty year plan of NPC it is stated that there will be discussions and publicity to end the social discrimination against gender and sexual minority and building the capacity.

Blue Diamond Society is launching such program since 15 years with a purpose of ending social discrimination and all illusions.  The program will be launched from 2073 BS to 2076 BS.

In the fourteen planning it is stated that protection measures and other steps to ensure the access of justice will be implemented.

Similarly, making an effective information system, conducting research on new forms of gender violence, and developing indexes to make villages and municipality free on gender-based violence are other programs.

Similarly, it is stated that long-term rehabilitation centres will be established for the people affected by gender violence. BDS is asking government to make provisions for the members of this community.