Government should formulate laws to allow same-sex marriage: Monica

Kailali (Pahichan) August 9 – Transgender rights activist Manoj Shahi Monica has said that situation of homosexual and transgender in the far-western region is becoming normal. “In the recent times, there has been positive attitude towards homosexual and transgender. This is because Blue Diamond Society and our campaign,” said Shahi.

Stating that local bodies are allocating budget for homosexual and transgender, she informed that Tikapur Municipality has allocated 50 thousand for LGBTI and they held two-day program.

Though there is a positive attitude for us, society is yet to accept this community, said Shahi.  Shahi said strong laws should be formulated to control the rights of homosexual and transgender. “Government should formulate laws for same-sex marriage. Members of this community should be allowed to marry according to their choices,” said Shahi.

Shahi said they should get the opportunity to join the government services and there should be reservation for the members of this community. “ I am capable so that I should  get opportunity to join army and Police. We should get opportunity in other services as well,” said Shahi.