Govt offices begin to accommodate gender and sexual minority

Raj Chaudhary/Kailali (Pahichan) February 2– Government has started to accommodate gender and sexual minority in its annual program. Government has already provided identity to this community providing citizenship and passport on the basis of their identity.

Now, government has started to address this community through various programs. The constitution of Nepal 2072 has ensured rights of gender and sexual minority. As a result, members of this community have started to raise their concerns at local level.Raju lama

In this light, members of this community in Kailali districts have demanded to address their concerns in development policy and programs. In a regional seminar held in Magh 13, they demanded to prepare separate program for them.

They participated in ward and regional level programs.  Raju Lama, an activist said District Development Committee Dhangadi said separate programs have been allocated for gender and sexual minority in the field of infrastructure development, social development, forest and environment among others. They collective put forth some demands meeting head of municipality.

Infrastructure development  

. A separate secure residence for gender and sexual minority

Gender and sexual minority friendly toilets

Social Development

  1. Education:
  • Scholarship programs for all marginalized communities such as Adhibasi, Janajati and sexual and gender minority.
  1. Awareness campaign.
  • Construction of gender-friendly toilets for gender and sexual minority.
  • Operation of program targeting HIV affected people.  Free health service for marginalized community
  • Awareness campaign: Empowerment program for gender and sexual minority. Special program for gender and sexual minority
  • Income generation program targeting gender and sexual minority.