‘Govt, Parliament should play a proactive role to ensure same-sex marriage’

Kathmanu (Pahichan) September 22 – Former Treasurer of Nepal Bar Association Mohan Ingnam has said that there is no need of special laws if government has willpower to legalize same-sex marriage. Speaking to Pahichan, he said as constitution has already provided the rights of equality there is no need of special laws.

“Marriage itself is a civil law. So the issue could be resolved through the same law. The issue of bringing special laws means both government and parliament are not ready,” he said, adding that there is a lack of proactive role when it comes to providing rights to gender and sexual minority.

He said there is a need of formulating laws per the constitutional provisions. He said the pace of constitution implementation is very low.

He said the transformed Parliament could not play sufficient role as parties were engaged in other issues. He underlined the need of continuously raising the issues of gender and sexual minority.