Hamal appeals schools not to discriminate LGBTI

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 5 – Pandav Hamal of NPABSON has said that members of gender and sexual minority should be pushed in the education sector.

Speaking to Pahicahn, Hamal who is contesting in the post of Chairman of PABSON said the enrolment in higher secondary level should be done on the basis of equality. “LGBTI members should be encouraged to enroll in the colleges and universities.

Teachers should give them encouragement in the class room,” he added saying that after the members of LGBTI earn prestige and get position discrimination will come to an end.

He underlined the need of managing scholarships for this community.  “I am ready to offer scholarship to them,” Hamal said.  He made appeal to all schools not to discriminate gender and sexual minority.