Homosexual, transgender should not be discriminated : Pant

Kaski (Pahichan) February 23 – Ramesh Pant, a facilitator of Chetana Nepal, has said that homosexual and transgender should not be discriminated for their separate physical appearance. “The negative attitude of society towards this community is wrong,” said Pant adding that due to some specific gland people becomes transgender and it should not be an issue of discrimination.

He said even members of this community should not feel pain for separate identity than man and women. According to him, many members of this community are feeling tense. “I will ask to delete all the tensions. Tensions will make people sick,” said Pant. He said there is a need of struggle being united and disclosing their identity. The program organized by Naulo Bihani Pokhara and there was presence of members of gender and sexual minority.