Human Rights experts take on Trump tonight in WeHo

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 31 – When top notch journalists like Tom Brokaw compare what’s happening with the Trump administration now to the Watergate scandal that threatened American democracy and forced the resignation of President Richard Nixon—you know the reality of the past year has moved beyond rubbernecking Trump’s crazily-produced reality TV show presidency.

“The White House is trying to create an alternative reality,” Brokaw, a former NBC anchor and Watergate reporter, said on MSNBC.

Indeed, on the one year anniversary of the Trump presidency, the Washington Post fact-checkers noted that Trump “made 2,140 false or misleading claims, according to The Fact Checker’s database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement uttered by the president. That’s an average of nearly 5.9 claims a day.”

So what’s the truth, as reported by human rights and civil libertarian activists on the ground? Five smart experts will discuss what has happened over the past year tonight from 7:00p-10:00p at the West Hollywood City Council Chambers at the West Hollywood Library, 625 N. San Vicente Blvd. The discussion, moderated by West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman, is especially pertinent as Trump tests fact-checkers again in his State of the Union address.

Also on the panel is Maria Sjödin, Deputy Executive Director of OutRight Action International, which was formerly known as the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. The international LGBT organization works with other groups to hold leaders accountable for their human rights policies and actions and builds bridges between local community groups with larger organizations. Maria is also an expert in leadership training for LGBT activists.

Angelinos know Sue Dunlap, the out President and CEO of Planned Parenthood/Los Angeles. The organization provides healthcare and reproductive rights care to women, including trans women, as well as STD and HIV testing, education and referrals. During the height of the AIDS crisis, members of ACT UP helped Planned Parenthood and other women’s reproductive rights groups in clinic defense and battling against common opponents such as anti-LGBT/anti-abortion Operation Rescue. Pro-Choice women and ACT UP both fought against government control over an individual’s body. Reproductive rights are still at risk, as demonstrated by an anti-abortion bill blocked in the Senate Monday night.

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