Impact of Pahichan Radio program : Homosexual and transgender in Solukhumbu disclosing their identity


Solukhumbu (Pahichan) January 20 – In Solukhumbu district, 15 homosexual and transgender have disclosed their gender identity. They knew about their sexuality after they listened Pahichan Radio program. Most of them, however, said they would not immediately make public their identity.

Krishna Bahadur Thapa, 35, disclosed their identity in a clear way. “After listening Pahichan Radio program, we knew that we are homosexual and transgender,” Thapa said in Toll Free Number launched by Blue Diamond Society. “After listening Radio program, we held discussion among us and came to know that we are homosexual and transgender,” said Thapa. He, however, feared that there might be problems in family as well as in society.

Neither we can conceal our sexuality, neither we want to fully disclose our identity,” Thapa said, “Some friends have said that they would not disclose their identity.” Thapa added. They said that they want a guarantee that they would not face any social obstacle. They want assistance from society and institution.

Meanwhile, Solukhumbu Chapter of Nepali Congress Aangalu Sherpa has said that he is encouraging the people to get citizenship on the basis of their gender identity.  “They (gender and sexual minority) should come up with their identity, I do not like if they conceal their identity,” said Sherpa. “If they are willing to join politics, I will help them, I want to help them in socialization process,” said Sherpa.