Journalism training is needed: Participants

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 5 – Blue Diamond Society has conducted a gathering of CBOs, a community based organization. The representatives of this organization have demanded to conduct a training targeting at least two journalists in all districts.

“We are fulfilling all the responsibilities from human rights to journalism. Therefore, we are doing some weaknesses. If there is training it would be easy for us to work,” said Anika Rana from Rupandehi. Rana said the Pahichan Radio program should be extended in all the districts.

Presenting the report from eastern region, Chanchala Subba said there is a need of human resource policy and strategic planning.  “The document is very important for the donor,” Chanchala said adding that there is a need of holding programs in all CBos. She further underlined the need of vocational training which will make this community independent.

Presenting report from mid-western region, Dev Shrestha said there is a need of journalism training. According to Shrestha, such training is needed to build a sense of confidence in this community and providing accurate information.

Shrestha said some CBOs lack the statute and administration has urged to remove the homosexuality. There are also problems related to registering.  “We have a program such as human rights and care and support program but projects are not registered,”  he said adding that there are also lack of staff to conduct the renew.