Journalists need capacity enhancement training on LGBTI issues

Makwanpur (Pahichan) June 29 – Stakeholders have underlined the need of enhancing the capacity of journalists who are writing on LGBTI issues. Journalists said they were unknown about the terminologies such as Gay, Lesbian, transgender, inter-sex and bi-sexual people.

“We had an understanding that whole LGBTI community is transgender,” they said speaking at a program jointly organized by BDS in collaboration with Norwegian Project.

Pratap Bista Chairman of Federation of Nepalese Journalist Province no.3, said issues of this community are drawing less priority in the media. He suggested the members of this community to express their opinions and views without any hesitations.

Ganesh Adhikari, Secretary of FNJ District Chapter, said Juli Chepang who faced the cases for being transgender and media published the story with substance. Station Manager of Radio Makawanpur, Ram Mani Dahal shared his experience that even an educated people questioned him about the broadcasting of such issues and programs in the radio.

The Radio Makawanpur has given permission to Kiran Suraj Thapa to prepared separate programs.  Dahal said he requested Indira Neupane to prepare such programs in the days to come. Pahichan Correspondent Indira Nepuane said it is comparatively easy to collect materials for the Pahichan program as compared to the past.

Neupane said people who were hesitant to speak in the past are now ready to speaking but yet the issues are very limited. Program Coordinator of Friends Hetauda Suraj Thapa said there is full support of media in the issues of sexual and gender minority.  Barsha Magar of Friends Hetauda said there is a need of continuous support from media in the coming days.

Deputy Director of BDS Parshu Ram Rai said they are drawing the attention in UN Mechanism through CRC, UPR, and CEDAW about the issues of gender and sexual minority.  He expressed that media would continue their support in their campaign.

Bishwaraj Adhikari, first nepal’s first Mr. Gay Handsome said there is a need of providing proper information to family members about the sexuality. Adhikari said, Nobody knows what we can do until we try. There are five thousand gender and sexual minority in Makawanpur district.