Journalists underlined the need of sharing international knowledge, skills

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 5 – Journalists working in the field of homosexual and transgender have said that there is a need of international trainings and experience sharing programs to highlight the agendas of this community.

At a training and experience sharing program jointly organized by Blue Diamond Society and Norwegian Embassy, journalists expressed such views. “As per our conscience and experiences we are reporting and highlighting the issues of this community in media,” Indira Neupane, journalist from Makawanpur said.

“We do not have international knowledge and experiences how international media cover this issue, and how their demands are addressed. We lack the style of reporting about this community,” Neupane said. She said international exposure and experience would serve as guidelines for better reporting about this community in Nepal.

Ambika Dahal, who is working in the field of gender minority, said due to the lack of knowledge there is less self-confidence for the public debate. “We know basic things about homosexual, transgender, bisexual and inter-sex and we also know that they should not be discriminated. But this knowledge is not sufficient to engage in debates with people who do not accept this community,” Dahal said adding that there is a need of additional training and motivation.

Raj Chaudhary, a journalist working in Kailai district of far-western region, said there is not respect if journalists of this community disclose their identity. “Government officials are accepting us as journalists,” Chaudhary said adding that though it is responsibility of journalists to speak in favor of human rights it is not easy for the members of this community to do journalism.

Anusha Bhujel, a journalist from Sunsari District said there is not comfortable situation to work in favor of gender and sexual minority. “The past rigidity has been changed, people are ready to give answers but situation is still not comfortable, “Bhujel said. Bhujel said government is allocating very few amount of money and there are not any supports.

Binod BK, a journalist from Bhairawaha said District Administration Officer and other government officials are not providing appropriate support. “When we introduce ourselves as journalists they give us a respect but when we talk about gender and sexual minority, they hesitate to share information,” said BK. According to him, government officials try to harass members of this community when they go seeking passport and citizenships asking several questions, this is happening due to the lack of knowledge.

Bipana Paneru from Kaski said it would be fruitful if there are international exchange programs about the issue of this community. “We need trainings on international practices, conventions and knowledge because we are talking only about national and local issues,” Paneru said adding that there is a need of learning the importance of international conventions.

Apechchhya Dahal who is working as a volunteer at Pahichan Media said constitution has addressed the issue of this community and there will be comfortable situation in coming days. Dahal said international training would be helpful to build confidence and increase knowledge. Journalist Sandhya Lama said journalist should not go beyond code of conduct and there is a need of additional trainings.

Editor of Pahichan Media Madhav Dulal provided trainings on how to engage in a comfortable journalism. He said there is a need of training to the journalists working at central level on the issue-based journalism. “We are providing trainings on the basis of experience we gained and we are doing same but we do not have knowledge about the achievements made at international level and how this issue has been secured,” Dulal said. He said even the trainers do not have sufficient training so there is a need of international trainings. Kiran Acharya, Ramesh Wagle and Naresh Phuyal provided trainings. Similarly, advocate Sujan Panta provided trainings regarding constitutional and legal part.