Kamali shares some strange proposals

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 18 – “When I used to stay in China a male made a strange proposal to me, Actress Kamali Waiba said, “That male said to me that his wife likes me. He further added if I marry his wife he is ready to give a divorce.”

While living in China and Hongkong, there were other friends too who were linked with transgender. Waiba had just reached to Hongkong; she came to know that her childhood friend who was living in America suddenly disappeared.

She requested her friends in America. After the long time, they found but behavior was strange. He was hesitant to enter in the room of wife. Later, it was revealed that husband was a transgender.

Waiba said there are a lot of transgender friends and they are meeting with them. The boss of her company in Hongkong where she was working was transgender. In abroad, according to her, transgender reveal their identity.

She said society should not discriminate transgender. She said demands of transgender related to same-sex marriage should be addressed.