Khanal provides training to local representatives

Raj Chaudhari/Kailali (Pahichan) July 13 – Kiran Khanal, Physician of City Zonal Hospital, has provided basic training concerning the health of HIV and AIDs infected people, to local representatives.

At a program organization by National Federation on HIV and AIDs, he informed about the health condition of HIV infected people and national strategic plans.

“The number of homosexual is three hundred, the number of transgender is 21060, male sex workers 8 thousand and women sex worker is 94,000 who use drugs through syringe,” Khanal said.

“There is no access of this community in the national level so local representatives must show their concerns in order to address the concerns of this community,” he said.

Mayor of Dhangadi Sub-metropolitan City Nrip Bad said in the coming days the issues of this community will be accommodated in the national program. He also assured to provide vocational trainings to the members of this community.

 “We can take initiation to provide health insurance facilities to the members of this community.  If anyone is interested from women, male and transgender who want to continue their study, we are ready to provide recommendations,” he said.

Coordinator of Far-western Society, Raju Lama informed all the participants about the various issues of sexual and gender minority. He also informed about the rights of this community mentioned in constitution. Gorakh BK who is HIV  infected said members of this community need nutritional food, education, health and transportation, free of cost health insurance among others.