lGBTI community celebrates Teej festival

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 25 – Members of gender and sexual minority have celebrated their Teej festival at the office of Blue Diamond Society in the presence of Karishma Manandhar.

Manandhar said she feels good to celebrate Tej festival with this community. “I celebrated this year’s festival in a different way. I attended this program abandoning other different programs,” She said. She said such move would contribute to the struggle aimed to establish rights of this community.

“I think that all the members of this community should be equal. That is why I chose to celebrate Teej festival with this community,” She said. Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal said it is a matter of happiness to celebrate Teej festival with the members of this community.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung said BDS is celebrating Teej festival gathering the members of this community. “We celebrate Teej to provide a homely environment to the members of gender and sexual minority,” said Gurung.

Transgender Isha Sharma said family has accepted her and she is feeling happiness to celebrate the Teej festival Transgender Sunita Lama and Muskan KC expressed the happiness for the celebration of Teej. Transgender rights activist Simran Sherchan said celebrating Teej is their right.