Mathura Kunwar working to ensure the treatment of sexual minority

Ambika Dahal/Lalitapur (Pahichan) May 2 – Chairman of Federation of women infected from HIV AIDS Mathura Kunwar has advised the members of gender and sexual minority to have a safe sex.  

Kunwar said numbers of people infected from HIV are increasing due to the lack of safe sex. She advised to use condoms for the safe sex. Kunwar said more homosexual and transgender are infected from HIV than man and women.

She said both man and women should be aware to stop the growing infection. The federation was established to provide treatment to the people who are already infected and stop the infection in coming days. Kunwar said she is working with gender and sexual minority.

As members of this community do not marry, they have multiple sex partners so that there is high risk of HIV infection of this community, Kunwar said.  According to a statistics made public by Ministry of Health, the members of this community have 19 more risks than the heterosexual people. Due to social stigma, members of this community are hesitant to come for the treatment.

Government is providing free of cost treatment to this community but very few people have shown interest. Doctors have said that they have not discriminated anyone on the basis of gender identity. Kunwar, however, said that are problems in some health posts and hospitals to the members of this community. Kunwar is working in this federation since nine years. Kunwar said members of this community are gradually becoming open and candid.