Members of gender and sexual minority demand to probe the attack

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 30 – Members of gender and sexual minority have protested outside the police office Durbarmarga. They protested demanding an immediate action to the persons involved in beatings and assaults. Members of this community reached the police office demanding to take action against those people who are responsible for attacking the members of gender and sexual minority.  Anita Sapkota and Dayana Khadka were severely beaten in Lazimpat when they were walking in the street after having a dinner with their friends.

They were expecting an impartial investigation on the incident but policy tried to settle the dispute. That is why they reached at the office of DSP Krishna Bahadur Palli Magar and demanded to take action.

Sagar Thapa, police official working in Lazimpat confessed his mistake and apologized. In the protests, members of this community complained that they would be arrested without any reasons. The situation turned tense when members of this community protested. After the protest, DSP Magar expressed to take action against the culprit requesting to file a request at police office.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung demanded action against the involved people. DSP Magar said no one could go against the law. Anita Sapkota and Dayana Khadka have filed an application demanding a probe into the accident and take action against the culprit.