Municipalities urged to unveil program targeting sexual and gender minority

Lalitpur (Pahichan) July 24 – Rameshwor Shrestha, Mayor of Mahalaxmi Municipality and Gajendra Maharjan, Mayor of Godawari Municipality, have said that they lack sufficient knowledge about sexual and gender minority.  Chiri Babu Maharjan of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, however, said that this community has been accommodated in the annual policy and program.

Metropolitan has allocated 3 crorer under the inclusion section which will be spent for the welfare of transgender and other communities. He is unaware about the actual program that needs to be implemented. “I will bring the program as per the demand,” he said.

Shrestha said they have not thought about this community as no one has approached till now. “I will get all the information and I will not miss any community including LGBTI, I will try to find out the status of transgender in my community,” said Shrestha.

Maharjan said he is unaware about this community as no one has disclosed their identity and no policy and program has been drafted targeting this community.

“I enquire about this community,” he said. Though people’s representatives do not have sufficient knowledge, there are 8-10 thousand transgender in Lalitpur district, according to Parichaya Nepal. Program Officer of Parichaya Nepal Manoranjan Kumar Baidya said members of this community have come to contact but they have not disclosed their identity.

Mainly, members of this community live in UN Park, Kupandol, Ram Mandi, Lagankhel Bus Park, Godawari among others.  “Municipalities should help us to launch awareness programs. The ward-level program will be more effective,” he said.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung said members of this community need vocational training in order to empower them in society. “Local level should make such arrangement,” she said.

This news is copied from Annapurna Post