Nepal’s constitution is best one: Says Ambassador Upadhya, Hopeful that current crisis will be resolved after Modi returns from UN

Kathmandu(Pahichan) September 30 – What is your exact population? Nepali Ambassador to India Deep Kumar Upadhya asked. Deputy Director of Blue Diamond Society Parshuram Rai said approximately 8 to 10 percent.  Responding to Upadhaya’s question, Rai said: As per the latest survey there are nine Lakh members of gender and sexual minority. This is a dialogue between Upadhya and Rai while talking with Pahichan Radio program.

100_3481According to Upadhya, though Nepal’s constitution is best one, problems have been created as we are failing to inform people about his positive aspects.” We have to inform the people that Nepal’s constitution is best one which has addressed the demands of all class, caste, religion,” Upadhaya said. “I will play a leading role to inform international community about this.”

Nepal is ninth country which has provided rights to gender and sexual minorities. “People were not informed about it, people uses to feel odd about transgender,” Upadhaya said,”The new constitution has ensured the rights of this community which is positive one. Many things that we have not imagined have now come true. Transgender is a reality and a part of human life.” According to him, new constitution has respected universal human rights and new constitution is human right friendly.

According to him, the problems that emerged at bureaucratic level should be resolved through the political interference from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said Modi should give a political speech after he returns from United Nationals General Assembly. He said Nepal India relation will be more cordial after Modi gives political speech. “I am hopeful that we will reach a solution,” Upadhaya said.