Ready to sing songs about transgender: Adhikari

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 18 – Singer Sirju Adhikari has said that she would sing songs raising the voices homosexual and transgender. Speaking to Pahichan Radio Program, Adhikari said that she was not aware about this community. “Now, the issue has drawn my attention, I will sing songs incorporating their voices which will be new and separate topic for me as well,” said Adhikari.

Adhikari said homosexual and transgender are equal like male and female. “When we talk about homosexual and transgender, there will be an image in my mind that they are like male and female,” said Adhikari. She said that this community should not feel hesitation that they are different from male and female.

“We are equal, we have a tendency that we cannot see others as good,” Adhikari said adding that male, female, homosexual and transgender all are equal. She said every walks of society should support homosexual and transgender. “Artist are the ideal of society, if they raise voices about LGBTI, society will see them in a positive way,” said Adhikari.