SC issues historic verdict : It is progressive decision with far-reaching implications: Panta

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 27 – Supreme Court (SC) has issued a historic verdict in favor of gender and sexual minority. The full-text of verdict was made public few days back. The court has stated that members of gender and sexual minority can get all the documents including citizenship and educational documents as per their gender identity. The court has also directed government officials to organize the orientation targeting gender and sexual minority.

Former lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant, Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung and Transgender Anik Rana had filed a writ in Supreme Court against office of the prime minister, ministry of home affairs and Chief District Officers in 2070 BS. Advocate Sujan Panta said verdict is historic and it has touched various dimensions of LGBTI. Panta said according to verdict issued on Magh 3, people who have already taken citizenship can change their names now.

He said verdict is progressive step and it has multiple dimensions. Now, districts cannot deny providing citizenship as per their gender identity. Government offices have been told to keep all the records of citizenship received by gender and sexual minority. “This verdict has been issued to prevent the possible abuse of citizenship,” Panta said. District Administration Offices have been told to make the citizenship issuing process easy.

The Court has given verdict to formulate separate laws to correct other documents except citizenship. “People who have already received educational certificates can change their names. People who are receiving will get as per their wishes,” said Panta. The SC has directed to organize orientation classes targeting gender and sexual minority. “Government offices have been told to organize regular orientation classes,” Panta said.