Singer Yogi says, society lacks knowledge about homosexuals and transgender

Kathmandu, (Pahichan) March 15-Singer Shishir Yogi has said that homosexuals and transgender are not being treated like man and women in the society due to the lack of proper understanding and knowledge about this community.

The people in the society do not have proper knowledge about the transgender which is a main root for the discrimination.

According to him, discrimination against the homosexuals and transgender in the society is like a tradition in the society. “However, society is gradually understanding about this community. Society is internalizing that homosexuals and transgender are like man and women in the society,” Yogi said.

Our own family can give birth to transgender and homosexuals any time, so we should end discrimination against them from today,” he said adding that discrimination is violation of their fundamental human rights.

He asked the government to make special arrangements for homosexuals and transgender like other marginalized communities. He demanded the reservation for the homosexuals and transgender. He requested all the people to understand the meaning of life.