Students to incorporate the plight of gender and sexual minority in their thesis

Indira Neupane/Makawanpur (Pahichan) January 26 – A team of student who arrived in Hetauda has pledged to address the issue of gender and sexual minority in their college thesis. A five-member study team which arrived here from Chitwan said that transgender are facing discrimination and they will play role to minimize such discrimination against this community raising this issue in their thesis. 

Rohit Gupta, a member of study team said there are discrepancies between the image provided by society about their organization and real picture or situation. “Other people informed us in a negative way, so we came here to know reality,” Gupta said adding that now they  knew real status of this community. He said though they are going to achieve master’s degree they do not know about this community.

“The issue of sexuality and minority should be accommodating at the school-level curricula,” Gupta said. Menuka Gahatraj said a member of their relative shows a different behavior in the society and family. “The family members are surprised by such behavior, now she is living separately from family due to such behavior,” said Gahatraj.

She said she did not know about the sexuality and such information would be helpful to know about this community in the coming days. Another member of team said that they selected this organization to know the differences between what society thinks and what actual situation is.
Suraj Thapa, program coordinator of BDS Makwanpur Chapter informed the study team about the establishment of society, its purpose and activities launched by this society. He also informed about the challenges, facilities received from state among others. Transgender Barsha Magar, Juli Chepang and Ashika Thokar shared their experiences with the team of student.