Suntali’s dream of becoming independent

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 28 – Transgender Suntali Lama has said that he will be economically independent by achieving the skill of cloth weaving. She is learning skills since one year on cloth weaving.  Lama said she would become a perfect one in profession.

Suntali“I received training as government did not provide any support and donor agencies’ support also became uncertain,” Lama said adding that she learned about weaving Kurta Salwar, Blouse and other clothes of women. Lama is Central Committee member of Blue Diamond Society.

After completion of training, she plans to open a small tailor. “Government has done nothing for us, I do not have hope as well. I want to become independent,” said Lama. She wants to set an example of independent.

She said her skill has given answer to those people who say that members of homosexual and transgender do not have skills. She complained of facing difficulties while walking in the street. According to her, people with different identity have been detained on the basis of various pre-text. Earlier, transgender Maghna Lama has open Pink Tiffin Restaurant, while Sandhaya Lama is running Pharak Pahichan television program.