The rights provided by both constitution and SC remains unimplemented: Advocate Panta

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 13 – Advocate Sujan Panta has said that homosexual and transgender are still denied from exercising the rights mentioned in the constitution and rights provided by Supreme Court order.

Speaking at a review meeting of Norwegian Project Panta stated that implementation of SC order issued in 2064 is still a matter of concern as there has not been any implementation.

“A large population of this community still holds a view that same-sex marriage must be legalized but government report on same is gathering a dust. The report provided by government committee has not been implemented,” said Pant.

He further added that it entirely depends on the will of Chief District Officer when it comes to providing citizenship.

“SC issued order but there is no identity in the citizenship. The Ministry of Senior Citizen and Welfare is still reluctant to take the ownership,” he said, adding that there is no hope that government would formulate same-sex marriage law. He said several issues of this community have not been mentioned in civil code.

“We are keening watching how the same-sex relation is taken in the society. If society tries to become illiberal it would create a dangerous situation,” said Pant. “The law related to rape is vague and only the issues related to women are incorporated. There is no definition of gender when it comes to rape,” Pant said.