Translate constitutional rights into law : Former lawmaker KC

Lalitpur (Pahichan) January 19 – Former lawmaker Bimala KC has said that the constitutionally guaranteed rights of gender and sexual minority should be translated into law. KC said such translation would be a closing chapter of securing all the rights gained so far.

KC said perception towards gender and sexual minority in the far-flung areas remain unchanged. When she was lawmaker, she came to know this discrepancy when she visited a lot of rural areas. “All the citizens are equal in the eyes of law and no one should be denied from rights being transgender,” said KC adding that there is a need of unified struggle to secure the rights of this community.

She suggested the members of this community to struggle in order to secure the rights. “Even though citizenship is granted to them, I came to know that they facing difficulties and discrimination and they are not receiving SIM card,” She said. She said no one becomes transgender as per his or her wishes so  they should not face any discrimination.