Being third gender is not infertility: Dr. Uma Shrivastava

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 16 – Hormone Expert Dr. Uma Shrivastava has said that it is difficult to know gender and sexual identity of male and female from outer appearance.  Dr. Shrivastava made such remark in special report published in Teacher Monthly on Baishak titled ‘homosexual, third gender.. ‘Let’s understand in this way and make understand others accordingly.’

“In Belgium, I a met a doctor who was already a father of two children but later became mother through the transfer female hormone. Later, he changed his name to female. “From this, we have to understand that it is now possible to change our sexual and gender identity through medicine,” she said.

She further added that we should not be narrow-minded on same-sex relation. The relationship between male and male; and relationship between female and female is the effect of hormone, she argued. She further added that being a third gender is not infertility and it is not possible to change through treatment.

A special report on LGBTI community is published in Teacher Monthly.