CA Chair Nembang assures rights to gender and sexual minorities

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 24 – Chairman of Constituent Assembly (CA) Subash Nembang said on Thursday that suggestions provided by gender and sexual minorities will be forwarded to Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (PDCC).

In a meeting with a delegation led by Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal, Nembang said the demands put forth by the community will be handled by PDCC to incorporate them in the new constitution. Nembang requested not to hear the talks of others and put forth their demands clearly.

image-321b521dc661d9e106d9c814b9ce60e9e32c86523f59575cfc7214a5e74c2210-VIn the meeting with Nembang, Dhakal demanded that rights of this community should be incorporated in the fundamental right section of new constitution. Dahal said like women, children and Dalit, gender and sexual minorities should be incorporated in the proposed inclusive commission.

“If we mention only minorities, we will not get right. Poverty Alleviation Fund refused to provide assistance saying that minorities would not address us,” said Dhakal. Asked about suggestions provided by Bar, Nembang requested not to listen what others say.

In the meeting with CA Chair Nembang, diwa project deputy coordinator Sanjaya Sharma, transgender Bhumika Shrestha, coordinator of Federation of gender and sexual minorities Simren Sherchan, rights activists Bisowraj Adhikari were present.  Earlier, the community met PDCC Chairman Baburam Bhattarai and asked to ensure their rights.