FSU Spokesperson ensures the representation of transgender

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 27 – Spokesperson of Nepal Student Union (FSU) UP Lamichhane has said that after the convention of Union, there will be representation of transgender in the Central Committee.

Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Lamichhane informed that there will be representation of all communities as mentioned in the constitution in the FSU structures.  “We have already amended our statute to ensure the representation of transgender. Unfortunately, we failed to implement such provision in the past convention, we will ensure this from coming days,” said Lamichhane.

 According to him, there is a need of accommodating the member of gender and sexual minority. “Not only gender and sexual minority, all the sections of society should not feel that they have been excluded,” said Lamichhane.

“There are not transgender representatives but we could appointment them for now. But, they need to stay in organizations with commitments,” said Lamichhane.  He said the provision of reservation should not be continued forever.