How Jyotia made Indian LGBTI feel proud  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 17 – No one believes that a man who lives in street as a begger could become a judge. However, nothing is impossible in thw world. The LGBTI community has not received constitutional right in India. Therefore, it is  very difficult to become a judge from gender and sexual minority. However, 8 July is regarded as an important day by Indian LGBTI.

On July 8, 2011, Joytia Mondal, a transgender who used to beg just like the one you have seen in the local trains. On that day she droved into the Uttar Dinaipur District’s Islmapur Court premised in a white car with a read plaque reading judeship on the duty for National Lok Adalat in West Bengal.

And Joyita’s journey to becoming a judge is similar to that of most transgenders in our country. But Joyita has changed her story and is determined to achieve whatever she wants. The promotion given to Joyita has been accepted as a proud moment by the members of the entire community and LGBTQ population. “People used to mock me. I was almost depressed,” she said. After that she started to work for the welfare of transgender community.

The court is around five minutes from the bus stand where she had slept after hotels did not let her in 2010 due to her gender. Mandal was appointed by the office of the sub-divisional legal services committee of Islampur under the ‘learned judges’ category. She will be working on cases related to bank loans in the court. The position was given to her as a recognition of the social work she has done. She then became a social worker and volunteered in many charitable works.