Lawmaker silent about LGBTI issues in budget

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 14 – Nepal government has expressed the commitment of ending all types of violence related to gender and women through the promotion of gender responsible governance system.  The document presented by Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada outlining the principle and priority of new budget, he has pledged to end all types of discrimination.

However, the government is totally silent about the rights of sexual and gender minority who are facing several discrimination. The government has said that it would launch a social awareness campaign for ending the discrimination.

The clear indicates that government would not address the issues of sexual and gender minority in the budget. There was no mention of this community in the policy and program presented in parliament. The government has also rejected the state directives and fundamental rights provided by constitution to the general people.

The document presented by Khatiwada, however, sates that laws related to fundamental rights would be implemented to make common citizens secure, respected and live a qualitative. The government has also said that it would provide assistance to those people who need such supports.

The article 18 and 42 has ensured the several rights of sexual and gender minority but Finance Minister has totally forgotten those rights. The budget states that human rights, social justice, development and environment on which Nepal has made national and international commitment would be the basis of new budget.

Discussions are underway in parliament about the priorities of new government. Some lawmakers have raised the violence against sexual and gender minority, lawmakers have not spoken about the not incorporating this community in budget.

In the current fiscal year, Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens have launched an awareness and empowerment program targeting this community. Altogether three lakh rupees has been allocated to organize function in three places. It is still not clear how Ministry is incorporating the concerns of this community in budget.