Lawmakers are not knowledgeable  about LGBTI community

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 10 – Lawmakers have advised members of sexual and gender minority to make their gender identity clear.

During the meeting of State Affairs and Good Governance meeting, lawmakers requested members of this community to make their identity more explicit. The members of this community were invited to solicit the views on a bill prepared to amend Citizenship Act 2063 BS. Members of this community were asked which type of the citizenship they want.

In the meeting lawmaker Jhapat Rawal asked about the categories that fall under LGBTI. Lawmaker Nawaraj Silwal said it is about changing the names. Another lawmaker Ram Shah Prasad Yadav demanded the current status along with asking to make their previous provision clear. The discussions clearly showed that lawmakers are not aware about this community.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung made it clear that transgender is a natural phenomenon. She demanded the identity of transgender women. She was of the view that gay and lesbian do not need to take the citizenship under others category. “Gay and lesbian fall under the sexual orientation so it would be a huge relief if it is made clear in citizenship that transgender women and transgender male,” she said.

Sexual and gender minority started to seek right in an organized way since 2001. The Supreme Court in December 21, 2007 made an ordered in the name of government to provide citizenship to the members of this community as per their gender identity. The constitution of Nepal adopted in 2015 has also ensured the right to citizenship as per gender identity.

The new, bill, however, has some regressive which states that members of this community should present medical certificates. Members of this community are seeking the right to citizenship, right to adopt the children, right to parental property among others.

In the state affairs committee meetings, members of this community created some confusion about providing citizenship as per gender identity. Lawmaker Rajendra Shrestha has registered an amendment proposal seeking to provide citizenship to the members of this community without any difficulties. Committee Chairman requested to provide them advices in writing about this community. Some lawmakers said that they became clear about this community after some discussions.