Let’s work to make the life of gender and sexual minority happy: Dahal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 8 – Socialist Activist Mitrasen Dahal has said that members of gender and sexual minority should start works to make their life happy and meaningful in the old age. Mitrasen is working to provide shelters to senior citizens to make their life happy and meaningful.  

He said members of this community should be aware about their care and arrangement when they become old. He said sons and daughter are going in Europe, America and Australia as well Malaysia and other gulf countries.  Dahal, who is associated with JP Foundation, is constructing a shelter for senior citizens.

He said such shelters could be constructed for the gender and sexual minority. Dahal is constructing 30 houses in 100 ropani land. “Members of this community could construct their own houses in cooperating with government,” Dahal said. Dahal is constructing the houses since 2069 targeting the members’ f this community.