LGBTI community demands to launch income-generating programs

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 29 – LGBTI representatives from seven states have underlined the need of implementation of income-generating programs. They are of the view that capacity of LGBTI community must be enhanced, equipped with new technology and implementation of program that helps them to make money.

Speaking at a National Consultation meeting, they underlined the need of lobby on LGBTI agenda at all levels of government. Now, they are totally dependent on donor agencies. They demanded more and more program on care and support of HIV affected people.

Similarly, they are of the view that there is a need of special programs to help members of this community to adjust in society, ending violence and discrimination against this community. They sought the role of media to secure their rights. Awareness through street drama and media was also highlighted in the program.

They said only distribution of condoms and Lubricants are not sufficient to control HIV. They demanded to hold provincial level consultative meeting. They also demanded to coordinate with local level and organize Miss Pink Peasant at provincial level.