May 17 Message : All people should know about third gender (With video)

Kathmandu_Pahichan) May 17 – Rajiv Jain won Nepal’s ‘Ko Bancha Crorepati 2019’ and set a new record of winning such a huge prize of NPR 1 Crore in a Nepali TV show has said that all people should know about third gender.

Jain said that though he does not have much knowledge about this community but third are those people who have the hormones of both male and female are regarded as transgender.

Speaking to Pahichan he said, “I exactly do not know about it but I am hearing and reading about this community in newspapers. I do not have in-depth knowledge.”  He said all the sections of people should be allowed to exercise the rights endowed by constitution. “All people should know about their constitutional rights.

 Listen his video conversation with Jain.