Nepal Life Insurance discriminates third gender

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 10 – Nepal Life Insurance has discriminated third gender in its insurance scheme and policy. The members of this community who approached are told that their limit of insurance is just one million, albeit of 2 million life insurance for male and female.

Third Gender Sudeep Gautam approached the insurance but he was told that there are no provisions of insurance of more than one million.

Prakash Dhital, Manager of Naxal Branch said that the maximum ceiling for sexual and gender minority is one million.  “The concerned individual was absent. But, we cannot go more than one million as guided by policy,” said Dhital.

He added that people with disability and third gender would get the insurance of one million. “They may have felt offended but I cannot go against the policy. It has not been long since the members of this community started to approach us for their life insurance,” he said.

Sudeep Gautam, however, said that he is sad due to the discrimination. “Other people are getting the insurance of millions but in my case, there has been discrimination. I also have the right of safe life,” she said.  “I am advocating for the rights of this community but I myself have been the victims of discrimination,” said Gautam. She urged the government and insurance companies to treat this community with an equal footing.