NC disappoints LGBIT community

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 19 – In its 12th General Convention, Nepali Congress picked Kailas Shrestha Bhumika as a representative from Kathmandu-10. As convention representatives are eligible to give candidacy for Central Working Committee member, LGBTI community hailed NC as a progressive party.

In the second CA, NC emerged as a largest party and promulgated constitution under its leadership which addressed key issues of gender and sexual minority. However, in the firsNCt convention after constitution promulgation, the representation of gender and sexual minority is zero. NC also took a leading role in the first amendment to constitution which included this community in the proportional cluster. But, this community is not accommodated in NC.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinki Gurung said many members of this community are actively involved in the NC politics. “We had a hope that NC would accommodate them, there are still rooms and we are hopeful that NC will nominate them,” said Gurung. According to Bhakti Shah, Chairman of Student Front of this community, it would be a milestone development if NC nominates them.

Transgender Kailash Shrestha Bhumika said like the sister organizations, members of this community should be represented in the conventions. NC has begun accommodating this community from 12th general convention, now NC should help to increase which will be examples for other countries as well,” said Shrestha.

Central Working Committee member Shyam Ghimire and Pradeep Poudel said no citizens, including gender and sexual minority would be denied from any civil and political rights. They pledged to fight for the rights of gender and sexual minority.

Youth leaders of NC Mitrasen Dahal said new constitution is a leap forwards. “The traditional society has already accepted this community which is a great achievement,” said Dahal. “The disclosure of their identity and their representation in the parties will increase,” Dahal said adding that it would be better to involve in competitive politics .