A Trans Woman was beaten and raped in Turkey

Turkey/Pahichan – Hande Kader a sex worker and well-known political activist who had been pictured participating in protests and demonstrations for LGBT rights, and attended an LGBT rally in March where she was filmed being arrested by police She was last seen getting into a client’s car before going missing. A missing person’s report was filed by her partner when she did not returned home.

According to the IBTimes, this is the second known murder of a Turkish trans woman in 2016 and her friends said had escaped Turkey because of the transphobic discrimination she had received. ivists are calling for justice and a swift capture of perpetrators who killed and burned Hande Kader, a trans woman who worked as a sex worker in Istanbul and whose body was found 10 days ago.

Kader was last seen getting into a car with a client in the city’s Harbiye district in late July. Her charred body was found in the posh Zekeriyaköy district of Istanbul on Aug. 8. Authorities did not comment on the circumstances of her death but the 22-year-old was believed to be heavily mutilated before her corpse was set on fire, possibly to avoid identification of the perpetrator or perpetrators.

After her story made it into mainstream media outlets, a social media campaign was launched to raise awareness to the death of the young woman. Activists are calling on authorities and the public to pay more attention to the plight of trans sex workers and protest the death like the mass protests in the wake of the murder of another young person, Özgecan Aslan, last year. Aslan, 20, was mutilated and burned in southern Turkey after a rape attempt.