All citizens should be equal rights : Khanal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 7 – Nepali Congress lawmaker Bikram Khanal has said that no citizen should be deprived from the any civil rights. Speaking to Pahichan Raio Program, Khanal assured that demands of gender and sexual minorities will get the rights and freedom.  

“Gender and sexual minorities have already been mentioned in the constitution. Similarly, citizenship has been distributed under ‘O’ category.  They would get the right that an ordinary citizen enjoys,” Khanal said adding that the demand of sexual orientation could be addressed by formulating laws after constitution promulgation.

“I will hold discussions inside the party about this issue,” he said adding that only a guarantee of new constitution would ensure the rights of all communities. He said as leaders are failing to stick to consensus politics, it is fueling the various political movements. “First they agreed to go for 16-province deal, latter they scrapped it which has fueled the agitation,” he said.  He said it is better to accommodate all the parties and groups in the new constitution; however, some demands could be addressed latter.