Baburam’s Naya Shakti to accommodate gender and sexual minority

Lalitpur (Pahichan) January 20 – Former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has said his ‘Naya Shakti’ will accommodate the gender and sexual minority. Bhattarai who is preparing to unveil the organizational structures of Naya Shakti said the new party will be fully inclusive.

Speaking to reporters at his residence, Bhattarai said he has incorporated the issue of this community when he was in UCPN (Maoist). “There is no doubts that this community will be accommodated while formation of new party,” Bhattarai said.

 “We have entered into a second phase of our party formation. We will announce our secretariat soon,” Bhattarai told a group of reporters at his residence Sanepa on Wednesday. Amid criticisms that Naya Shakti has failed to attract people from non-Maoist party, Bhattarai claimed that there will be considerable presence of independent people in the new party.

According to him, the structures and ideology of Nepali Congress, UCPN (M) and CPN-UML are only suitable for political revolution but not for the economic development.  “Traditional parties cannot function in an effective way, so we need an alternative political force with new ideology,” he said.