BDS draws the attention of Law Minister Dhakal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 13 – Sexual and gender minority has drawn the attention of Minister of Law Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal to implement the rights mentioned in the constitution.

According to Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal, they informed Minister Dhakal that members of this community who already received citizenship are denied from the rights of changing their name, so there is a need of amendment of laws.

As per Home Ministry instruction, members of this community can get citizenship as per their gender identity but members of this community who received citizenship before this order are facing difficulties  to change their names. In this context, BDS wants to change or amend the current laws.

BDS team also drew the attention of Minister concerning the right of equality mentioned in article 18 and right of social justice mentioned in article 42 of the constitution. The news laws as per the constitutional provisions will have to be formulated before September 20 this year.  BDS Chairman Pinky Gurung, Dhakal, transgender rights activist Bhumika Shrestha and Bindiya Gautam also asked to make laws related to marriage.

In response, Minister Dhakal said he is already informed about this community. “I am aware about this community, we will accommodate the concerns of this community when we make laws,” said Dhakal. He said, in needed, there will be consultations with this community in the process of making laws. Government is preparing 15 set of laws for the implementation of fundamental rights.