BDS prepares annual report on rights violation  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 29 – Blue Diamond Society has prepared a report of 2015\2016 regarding the violation of human rights. The reports contain the detail about the abuse and violence against homosexual and transgender by both state and non-state actors. Blue Diamond Society is working since 2001 against the discrimination faced by sexual and gender minority.

BDS prepares reports on annual basis and submits to state agencies asking them to address them. From 2015 July to 2016 June, there are 38 cases of human rights violation by both state and non-state actors.
Seventeen cases are related to transgender women who are committed by state, the number of non-state actor is also same. Out of them 9 are related to manhandling and two are related to severe beating.
A glimpse of rights violation

Manhandling: 17

Severe Beating: 6
Discrimination: 1
Mental torture: 2
Killing: 1
Rape: 3

The state side has committed violence to transgender women and non-state actors have encroached of rights of five transgender male, one homosexual female and a homosexual male.